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New Painting Series "Feminine Inner Peace"

The past couple of months have been very hard for me and I've been struggling a lot with finding my purpose, my direction, my own inner peace, so to speak. I have been wanting to work on my last series of paintings "The Artist & The Critic", but those canvases are so large and intimidating that I have been procrastinating now for over a year on those. I was cleaning out a closet and realized I had a box of little 8"x10" canvases and decided that was a good place to start to at least keep my skills as a painter flowing and dexterous. Thus was born my new series "Feminine Inner Peace". I'm really happy with the way the first three have turned out and plan on continuing this series until I run out of canvases, which are quite a few. Should be an interesting journey...

"Inner Feminine Peace" by Gabrielle Faust

"Inner Feminine Peace 1" by Gabrielle Faust

"Inner Feminine Peace 2" by Gabrielle Faust

"Inner Feminine Peace 3" by Gabrielle Faust

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