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Welcome to the temporary home of Nightshade Publications, the independent publishing label founded by Gabrielle Faust. First developed to release her own independent titles and other titles she had regained the rights to such as ETERNAL VIGILANCE, REVENGE, and 101 WAYS TO FALL APART, Nightshade Publications is now expanding into a new concept of "communal publishing". This new platform for indie authors will allow the authors themselves to earn the majority, if not all of the royalties generated by the sale of their work. The publishing industry of old has largely profited off of small authors unjustly and it is time for a new approach for independent authors to reclaim their own destiny. To be clear, this is not a publishing house that runs in competition or conflict with any major mainstream publishing house and is solely for authors seeking to publish independently and have complete control over their work and the profits. Official website to be unveiled in late 2024...

Now Available



“An addictive draught of blood and night soil, Faust’s anthology Blood Games overflows with stories and poems of high stakes and silver bullets from some of horror’s best talent. Blood Games is an essential addition to vampire lore. I dare you to roll the die; see where you land.”

—Lee Murray, five-time Bram Stoker Award®-winning

author of Grotesque: Monster Stories


Dare to Gamble With Your Life?

An aging cage fighter meets an unfortunate fate and is offered the opportunity of a lifetime by a mysterious Russian Fan...


A Countess and her lover’s game tests the limits of

their vanity...


A young vampire in Mexico City must compete in an ancient Mayan game to survive....


The award-winning authors of BLOOD GAMES explore the world of the undead and the twisted games they play, not only with their prey, but with each other.

Featured Authors:

Jonathan Maberry    Dacre Stoker    Jeff Strand 

Linda D. Addison   JG Faherty  .  Sèphera Girón 

Gabrielle Faust   David C. Hayes  Roh Morgon 

 Michael H. Hanson    Rain Graves  Sumiko Saulson   John Palisano    Gustavo Bondoni

Jonathan Fortin    Andrew Robertson





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