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What The Critics Are Saying...

“Revenge is a truly epic adventure! Terrifying, enchanting and wholly gripping from beginning to end.”

           — Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures


“REVENGE is horror fantasy at its very best: magical, truly frightening, lyrical and sewn-through with a thread of hope. Gabrielle Faust & Solomon Schneider are two of the most exciting horror writers in the business.”

           — Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of DUST & DECAY and DEAD OF NIGHT


“REVENGE is an epic tale of cosmic proportions. Faust and Schneider’s dark-yet-effervescent prose is a delightful commodity seldom seen in modern horror. Dark, imaginative, unrelenting and graceful, the writing will make you forget the passage of time. REVENGE drips with intelligence and the prose is a unique blend of horror and beauty that will shake your psyche awake. The perfect mixture of horror and lyricism that Faust & Schneider bring to the table can not be found anywhere else in modern literature. REVENGE is a spellbinding read that will ensnare you with its spiraling cyclones of horror and beauty and keep you turning the pages.”

           — The Austin Post


“Gabrielle Faust’s book is full of poetic imagery. She finds beauty in the shadows and the horror of a devastated civilization. Faust sheds new light on vampire culture, making them angels, instead of demons…For those that crave vampire fiction with a dark soul, Gabrielle Faust delivers on all levels.”

           — Scars Magazine


“This is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read.”

           — The Vampire Chronicles Magazine


“Gabrielle Faust is a fascinating new voice emerging from the nightmare of sound-alike authors. She is a writer to watch.”

           — Del Howison, Bram Stoker Award winner


“Faust writes with a simplicity that betrays the fact that she’s a seasoned artist and accomplished author. REGRET is built with a graceful, precise and evocative prose that’s hard to find in the horror genre. Also, Faust’s artistic inclinations enter the book every time she uses words to vividly paint a landscape. Max Ernst, Edvard Munch and H.R. Geiger are all mentioned in the book and Faust’s writing is at times reminiscent of each artist’s work.”

           — Gabino Iglesias, The Austin Post


”ETERNAL VIGILANCE packs a wallop in the same way that a hydrogen bomb makes a big noise. This novel is a fantastic and utterly enjoyable read – and the best part is that with this first book, Tynan’s journey has just begun. Readers will be privileged to re-visit these fascinating characters and author Gabrielle Faust’s imaginative and brilliant new world/universe creation in the planned sequel novels to come. I, for one, can hardly wait for the next one to arrive. Eternal Vigilance receives my highest recommendation.”

           — Norman L. Rubenstein for Fear Zone


“With prose the texture of deep velvet, Faust draws us down to the depths of a story as old as fear, as dark as sin, and as deep as Satan’s heart. The lines between friend and foe are re-drawn. She captures desperate obsession and hunger, outlining each with the passion for existence that burns in all beings.”

           — Fantasy Book Spot


“Eternal Vigilance is the main artery leading to the heart of all vampire stories. Not since Interview With a Vampire has there been a greater tale of the undead. My mouth became dry reading it. My pulse quickened. This book makes you thirsty for bloodlust. Gabrielle Faust is the queen of vampire fiction.”

           — Eric Enck, Author of Ghost of a Chance & The Reckoning


“With the Eternal Vigilance trilogy, Gabrielle Faust has given the vampire genre a much needed vitamin B-12 injection and made herself the Queen of Cyber Goth.The Death of Illusions ups the ante and action of the first book, setting the stage for what promises to be an epic resolution. All of this is accomplished with a lush love of poetic language that puts Faust in a class of her own.”

           — Greg Lamberson, Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons


“Screw Twilight! Eternal Vigilance is the vampire series everyone should be reading!”

           — Fatally Yours Reviews


“Faust’s writing style is richly gothic, but she doesn’t fall into the trap of all too flowery prose, rather she spreads a splendidly velvet web over her story."

           — Taliesin Meets the Vampires


“Vampires are comfortable in their familiarity, in their Gothic surroundings as ornate as their inner contortions. Faust pulls vampires out of their well-worn trappings and puts them in the realm of the desolate. Deal with it.”

           — Michael Marano, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of Dawn Song


“Gabrielle Faust’s new book, Eternal Vigilance, is Haiku pumped to the max! You can smell the roses, but first, you feel the prick of the thorns, and you drink the slow, seeping blood. Lock the door, turn off the telephone, pour a glass of fine Cabernet and immerse yourself into Faust’s world…a ’world that fears silence, a culture that never breathes’. In her world, vampires are romantic, street smart, and, yes, dangerously sexy. Trust me, you will enjoy the trip.”

           — Gary Kent, Legendary Stuntman, Director of "L.A. Bad" & Producer of "The House Seven Corpses"

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