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Still Working to Ice Pick's Pies Up and Running in 2024

Hello everyone! I've always been awkward about posting too much about any sort of fundraising I'm doing for a personal project because I know people don't want to become fatigued by it. However, I just wanted to drop this here. A little reminder that I'm still in the process of getting my baking business Ice Pick's Pies back up and running, and to take it to the next level. So far thanks to your generosity the first $700 raised allowed me to get the website hosting back in place, all of my certifications renewed, my business insurance back and a few other small things.

But now is the next much bigger step. Securing funding to rent a commercial kitchen space in 2024 to expand my business and allow me to sell at local restaurants, food trucks, and farmers markets in Texas. I need to secure this in order to get the appropriate permits from the city, which each run from $200 to $400 each. Then... well, the sky is the limit so they say. I will also need to be able to purchase advertising space in magazines, websites, Instagram and Facebook.

Even if it's just a dollar, any contribution you can muster for my business' GoFundMe would be deeply appreciated. For those of you who provided me with your mailing address I began mailing out the "thank you" gifts for donations of $20 or more. If you aren't able to donate, I completely understand, but if you can spread the word, that in and of itself would be incredibly appreciated.

Thank you, again, for all of your support!


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