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New Poem: "I Pledge Allegiance"

“I Pledge Allegiance” By Gabrielle Faust © 2023 Take your place before the flag,

Place your hand over your heart, Pledge allegiance to which we stand, One nation under a god, And the American brand, That’s what we were taught, From the time we could spell, To question everything, But never question Hell… A country of the free and brave, But never free and always afraid, Conspiracies and lies, From the time it was conceived, The greatest con job in advertising, And one, the whole world bought, America the great, America the lost, The people traded and subdued, Lulled into indentured servitude, Believing we were free, we were brave, Beneath the red, white, and blue… Our forefathers said they Were looking to escape tyranny, To escape persecution, For what they believed, To avoid taxation and the wrath of a king, Those same men took nations to reservations, Enslaved other nations to work in our fields, And we still fight for rights we were promised, As they are slowly stripped from us, A fiefdom fighting a corrupt kingdom, Drunk on its own greed… So, another election looms soon, Who shall take the red, white, and blue? The con man, the old man, or a Queen yet unseen? The truth is that our fates are not in our hands, Our votes miscounted, misplaced, for the Brand, Yet we fight, we continue, and we will always persevere, Our voices will be forever heard, From the smallest mining towns in Virginia, To the Bird Street in LA, Because that is the “American way”, This is our chance to change our destiny, Only the truth will set you free… What are we left with? What is this thing? This thing we call “the American Dream”? A dream so to speak, A dream to dream, A dream fading… This “American Dream”…

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