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Blood Games: A Vampire Anthology

Blood Games: A Vampire Anthology

I can finally announce the lineup of absolutely stellar international and award-winning authors who will be included in the new BLOOD GAMES: A VAMPIRE ANTHOLOGY collection soon to be release under my private press label, Nightshade Publications! This new anthology is currently scheduled to be released March 31st. And if you're fan of the vampire genre, this is one you'll definitely want to get your hands on! Here's a little more information:

Dare to Gamble With Your Life?

An aging cage fighter meets an unfortunate fate and is offered the opportunity of a lifetime by a mysterious Russian Fan...


A Countess and her lover’s game tests the limits of

their vanity...


A young vampire in Mexico City must compete in an ancient Mayan game to survive....


The award-winning authors of BLOOD GAMES explore the world of the undead and the twisted games they play, not only with their prey, but with each other.

Featured Authors:

Jonathan Maberry

Dacre Stoker

Linda D. Addison

Jeff Strand

Gabrielle Faust

Sèphera Girón

David C. Hayes

JG Faherty

Roh Morgon

Michael H. Hanson

Rain Graves

Sumiko Saulson

John Palisano

Gustavo Bondoni

Jonathan Fortin

Andrew Robertson

BLOOD GAMES: A VAMPIRE ANTHOLOGY is currently available for preorder here until the official Nightshade Publications website is completed:

Also, if you are a book reviewer for a magazine or website and would like to receive a PDF copy please email me and be sure to let me know which publication the review will be featured in.

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