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After a century-long Sleep, Tynan Llywelyn has awoken to find the world he once knew obliterated by a brutal war of epic proportions. In a new apocalytic society bitterly divided by magic and technology, the Tyst Empire has found that a hundred years of global domination is not enough to sate their thirst for power. They have discovered the secret of the vampire race and have designed a plan to seize their own sinister form of immortality with the help of an ancient vampiric god. The rebel uprising known as the Phuree have obtained the knowledge of Lord Cardone’s plans and have allied themselves with the remaining Immortal race. The powerful Phuree oracle, Nahalo, has had a vision that in Tynan alone lies the power to defeat the vampiric god and the dictatorship. Cast in violence and conspiracy into the mist of the bloodshed, in a world he is still struggling to define, Tynan must make the harrowing decision to save the world he so bitterly detests or stand and watch as humanity is destroyed by a primordial evil beyond all imagining...

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read.

The Vampire Chronicles Magazine


REVENGE is horror fantasy at its very best: magical, truly frightening, lyrical and sewn-through with a thread of hope. Gabrielle Faust & Solomon Schneider are

two of the most exciting horror writers in the business.

Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of DUST & DECAY and DEAD OF NIGHT


With the Eternal Vigilance trilogy, Gabrielle Faust has given the vampire genre a much needed vitamin B-12 injection and made herself the Queen of Cyber Goth. The Death of Illusions ups the ante and action of the first book, setting the stage for what promises to be an epic resolution. All of this is accomplished with a lush love of poetic language that puts Faust in a class of her own.”

Greg Lamberson, author of JOHNNY GRUESOME and PERSONAL DEMONS


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