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Welcome to the world of author, artist &
entertainment journalist Gabrielle Faust

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Nothing is ever as it seems... especially in New Orleans...

For nearly a century, every ten years a female resident vanishes without a trace from the Magnolia Apartments.


For forty of those years Detective Clive Guidry, now retired, has made those cold cases his life’s passion, to no avail.


When seventeen-year-old Izzy and her severely troubled mother Shannon move in to their new apartment, Shannon begins a further downward spiral and Izzy begins to witness unexplainable apparitions, human and otherwise... And plagued by her own paranormal experiences, writer Vanessa quickly realizes there is more to the traumatic hauntings than she ever could have imagined… even before a strange manuscript appears on her desk.


With only weeks to act, the trio must act quickly to uncover and stop the haunting’s terrifying truth… before Izzy becomes the next lost girl.


But the supernatural forces are powerful, and not so easily banished…


Fans of Supernatural and NCIS: New Orleans will love this supernatural mystery where two young women and a retired detective fight their literal

and figurative demons.

About Gabrielle Faust

Author, artist, and entertainment journalist Gabrielle Faust. Faust has successfully released twelve novels and anthologies since 2008. She is currently celebrating the release of her thirteenth novel, HAUNTED: MISSING from Blackstone Publishing. Crowned "Vampire Royalty of New Orleans" in 2010, is best known for her post-apocalyptic vampire series Eternal Vigilance which received high international praise by critics and readers alike. Her work as an entertainment journalist and editorial illustrator has appeared in dozens of publications including Weird Tales Magazine, Austin Food & Wine Magazine, SyFy, Blastr, Fear Zone, Girls & Corpses Magazine, and Gothic Beauty Magazine. From 2011 to 2013 she was the host of the podcast Nocturnal Confessions, highlighting the avante garde and underground arts and literary scene, with a focus on the gothic. Throughout her career as an author she had appeared as a featured guest at dozens of conventions where she has spoken on the art and craft of writing, as well as teaching courses on self-marketing for aspiring and established authors. She is currently the graphic designer and webmaster for the 2024 StokerCon convention. In addition to her literary pursuits, Gabrielle Faust’s paintings have been shown in multiple galleries throughout Texas.

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