Why I Probably Won’t Be Attending Housecore Next Year…


Last year the first year of the Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival kicked off. And I was out of town working on events in New Orleans. But I heard, via friends involved in last year’s event, that it was a cluster fuck. Regardless, I decided I wanted, since I was to be in town […]

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Seeking Sponsors for NaNoWriMo


As many of you have heard, I, for the very first time, have signed up for the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. What is this, you ask? It is a ball of unfettered insanity authors willingly enter into where they pledge to attempt to write the entire first draft of a novel in 1 […]

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Flip the Page Podcast and the Future of Eternal Vigilance


This past Friday I was invited to be a guest on the popular podcast Apocalpyse Nana to represent my views on Writergate (a.k.a. Writer Apocalypse). It was quite the heated debate, though from what I feedback I have received, I was able to express myself clearly and concisely, all the while defending myself from some […]

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Housecore Horror Film Festival


I’m still waiting for final details but… It looks like I will be co-hosting the Rot-Scars on Sunday night with Chuck Loesch from 101X next Sunday, October 25! This is the same night that Danzing is playing. This is going to be one incredible evening of metal and horror. Check out the full lineup of […]

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Writersgate or Writer Apocalypse… I can’t decide now


Well it’s been another interesting day down here in the bunkers behind the front lines of the Writer Apocalypse. I received a letter from my publisher today saying that I have been let out of my contract. But, for a few reasons like cover art they paid for and editing, I owe them $1950. Now, […]

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An Update on Writer Apocalypse 2014


Well, a lot has occurred in the 36 hours since I first posted the article about Permuted Press’s decision to revoke print rights for the vast majority of their authors while not returning those rights to said authors. As you can imagine, my blog post, which thus far has reached nearly 15000 views, has served […]

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Permuted Press Revokes Print Version of Books


I honestly am not sure how to begin this because I am still, for lack of a better phrasing, at a loss for words over what has transpired this past week. Nearly ten years and several publishers later I had truly hoped that this one, Permuted Press, would prove my jaded perception of the publishing […]

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Blood Over Texas American Horror Story Freak Show Party


Last week I had the pleasure of checking out the American Horror Story Freak Show Party put on by Blood Over Texas. You can read my overview of the event at http://www.gothicbeauty.com/category/blogs/gabrielle-blog/. If there are any Austin, Texas horror or Goth-related events you would like for me to cover for my Gothic Beauty Magazine blog […]

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