Buzz Feed “Weird Things Vampire Couples Do”

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I wanted to share this adorable video by Buzz Feed entitled “Weird Things Vampire Couples Do”. I know quite a few vampire couples and I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of this. Bookmark to: Hide Sites

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An Interview With Author Gabrielle Faust


A new interview with yours truly was posted today over on Chapter Break. Here’s an excerpt. Click the link below to read the full interview! Thank you to Julie and Chapter Break for the opportunity! * * * 1. At what point did you decide to be an author and what was your path to […]

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Housecore Horror Film Festival Founder Passes Away

Dead, flowers … Bellow's narrator is asked to deliver some lilies for a young girl's wake.

For the past couple of days I have been trying to figure out a way to phrase all of this… But I suppose it comes down to basics. No matter how much drama and hurt egos may have been involved in last weekend’s events, there is rarely a time when one should not place aside […]

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Four Days Until The New Orleans Bad Things Vampire Ball

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Only four days left until the inaugural Bad Things Ball in New Orleans commences on Halloween Night! Do you have your tickets yet? If not, check out the facebook event page listed below and be sure to visit the official website at for more details. Organized by the House of Lore, along with several […]

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LIVE CITY: Music & Creative Resistance in Austin

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I would like to pass along an email from a friend of mine here in Austin, Texas about a new film project he has begun work on, a documentary that focuses on the history of the live music scene in Austin, Texas. As some of you know, we started this project 18 months ago and […]

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A New Review of “Eternal Vigilance: From Deep Within the Earth”


So after a rather chaotic weekend, I’m thinking we start this week out with a bit of positivity? At least, I would like to start my week off that way. And I must say thank you to book reviewer Sami Ariola at Rising Shadow for the latest glowing review of my vampire novel Eternal Vigilance: […]

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Day 2 of Housecore: Less of a Cluster Than Day 1


Day 2, Saturday, of the Housecore Horror Film and Music Festival was admittedly less of a cluster. Yes, it was still disorganized with far too many uninformed and clueless volunteers. I actually feel bad for the volunteers yesterday because many of them were running around trying to find answers just like the guests and press. […]

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Why I Probably Won’t Be Attending Housecore Next Year…


Last year the first year of the Housecore Horror Film & Music Festival kicked off. And I was out of town working on events in New Orleans. But I heard, via friends involved in last year’s event, that it was a cluster fuck. Regardless, I decided I wanted, since I was to be in town […]

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