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THE CADAVER DOGS Wins Book Deal With Raven Tale Publishing

It's been a hot minute since my last post. That's because October turned into quite the whirlwind! Starting with a bit of fantastic publishing news for yours truly. At the end of September I was granted a 3 BOOK DEAL with Raven Tale Publishing for my new werewolf series THE CADAVER DOGS! I am absolutely thrilled to have had this concept accepted and am hard at work on the first book in the series, which is due to the publisher in about five to seven months.


Sythe Rollins is known as the best cadaver dog trainer in West Virginia. The local and state police have relied on his search dogs to solve numerous crimes ever since he and his pack put down roots in the back-woods town of Timberidge twenty years ago. But there is a dark, unorthodox aspect of Sythe’s secret training methods.

Sythe Rollins is a werewolf.

Unlike the myths of old, Sythe is able to transform upon will and has formed an unbreakable bond with the search dogs who consider him their Alpha. With the help of the local coroner and mortician Fatima Westfall, Sythe, having transformed, leads his pack on very unique training runs through the mountains surrounding his property to find the unidentified corpses Fatima has buried.

From cannibalistic serial killers to the paranormal, THE CADAVER DOGS series follows Sythe and his pack through a variety of crime investigations requiring his search expertise and the keen senses of his legendary pack of dogs.

More information coming soon!

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