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Gabrielle Faust Signs with The Knight Agency

It's only the beginning of March and it has been a whirlwind of a year! Where to even begin?

Well, I suppose let's start with a VERY exciting announcement! Recently I had the honor of being signed by The Knight Agency, a premiere literary agency, with regards to a new series I have been working on, which, hopefully I'll be able to talk more about soon. Very hush, hush top secrete for the moment. ;) I am just over the moon excited to be working with my new agent and The Knight Agency – this is the first time in my career that I can actually say "I have an agent." And, from what I hear, this is where one's real literary success begins. Fingers crossed and more info soon to come!

As for my other projects that are currently in the works... The first book in THE CADAVER DOGS series is nearing completion! This is my first steps into the werewolf genre and I feel like I am doing it justice while developing an extremely interesting base for a multi-book series in the spirit of Dexter meets Supernatural, to give you a frame of reference for the type of series I hope for it to be. I hoped on a call with the VP of marketing and my new author liaison at Raven Tale Publishing yesterday – such wonderful people and both so excited about the development of the new Horror wing of Raven Tale, which up until now had been exclusively Westerns. I'm proud to be among their first round of horror authors!

After MANY months of anxious anticipation we are getting very close to the official release of the audio book edition of ETERNAL VIGILANCE – FROM DEEP WITHIN THE EARTH! Hopefully within the next week it will be available. We had a few life hiccups in the production schedule, but everything is back on track. It has been a true joy working with the incredible voice talent Joey Cole. He is truly a beautiful human and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to bringing a book to life in the spoken word.

Ummmm.... I think that's all? Nope! Not all! LOL!

StokerCon is just a couple of months away! Not only did I design the convention logo, but also the website, which was a wonderful experience and a nice creative deviation from my normal day job work (yes, I have a day job...NEVER quit your day job kids!). Now I have been asked to moderate the panel on censorship in American and the increased efforts in the South to ban books. This is going to be a very impassioned and exciting panel to lead. And speaking of StokerCon, I have also been asked to design next year's logo and website for the convention occurring in Pittsburgh.

NOW I think that's all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and news!



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