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Hello my little darklings around the world! I know, I know. I've been away buried in my bat cave for the past few months, toiling away on various projects, jobs, and the whole mess that is Life. But, at last I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all!

For the past few years many of you have made the request that ETERNAL VIGILANCE be made into an audio book. It has been a challenge to get that project off the ground and, thus, I turned my attention to other ventures and projects. However, I never forgot about it and have always dreamed of making it a reality. I can finally say, the dream is coming true!

After joining TikTok a few months ago I began to realize the wealth of amazing voice actors on the platform and quickly followed several that blew my mind, one of which being the incredible Joey Cole, a.k.a. @spoop_mooster on TikTok.

The minute I heard his voice I knew he was the perfect talent for the ETERNAL VIGILANCE series. When I closed my eyes I could hear Tynan – all of the pain, the gothic beauty, the tragedy, the romance... So, I took a leap and contacted him. He replied and was highly intrigued by the project. And after reading the first book, he agreed to be the voice of ETERNAL VIGILANCE!!!!

I'm absolutely over the moon that this project is FINALLY coming to life. We have decided to release each chapter individually at first in order to spread the word through both of our social media platforms – one chapter every 2 weeks. Once the book is completed the audio book in its entirety will be made available through Audible.

The first chapter should be out hopefully sometime next week. Fingers crossed!!!!

In the meantime please check out Joey Cole's work and follow him. He deserves all of the adoration and squishy hugs possible. :) He also has a Patreon account where you can support his work. He says there's also some more "spicy" tidbits over there. *wink* *wink*

TikTok – @spoop_mooster

Instagram – @spoop_mooster

Patreon –

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