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She dreamed in grayscale. Shades of selves. Whispers of regrets. Pale ghostly ambiguities that harkened back to ages past. She dreamed in monochrome. Stains of children lost. Bleeding heart cries of indecency cast upon brick walls. Broken fragments of reality stitched together by a tincture of hues. She dreamed as a dog sees. Black, white, blue, and green. Rich and vibrant and without consequence, without regret. Moments in time strungtogether by flashes of instinct culled and tampered with by Humanity. She did not want to dream as a human being. The full color spectrum of reality in all of its brutality. The blood red hatred, cold blue bruises, and stark white ignorance. How had her dreams turned to nightmares. And as she awoke she realized humanity had destroyed her reality. She would never be able to sleep again...

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