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At the Finish Line with the Eternal Vigilance Audio Book

Several months later we have a finished project! The ETERNAL VIGILANCE: FROM DEEP WITHIN THE EARTH audio book has been completed by Joey Cole! I almost can't believe it. Is this really happening?


Thank you everyone for your patience and your contributions to this project. Those who contributed to help fund this audiobook will be receiving a free copy of the book! Meanwhile, I will be working over the weekend to get the files uploaded to Audible. This is my first time working on Audible so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and in a matter of a day or two it will be live and ready for you all to enjoy.

This has been an incredible process working with Joey – he is a force of nature, a beautiful soul, and a creative tornado of talent! His voice acting skills combined with my words has created something quite magical, a truly special literary experience we hope you will enjoy!

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