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ArmadilloCon 41 - Panel Schedule

Austin's longest running literary fantasy and science fiction convention, ArmadilloCon (, is celebrating it's 41st year next week! I'm thrilled to be participating this year in the programming and will be speaking on a variety of panels throughout the weekend. My schedule is as follows:


5pm - Journaling for Writers

Ballroom D

Track: Writing, Editing & Publishing

Type: Panel

Participants: Cassandra Rose Clarke (moderator), Britta Jensen, Katherine Sanger, Gabrielle Faust, Matt Cardin, Elizabeth Burton

What is your method? What do you get out of it? Do you mine your journals for writing prompts or other materials? How do you recommend those new to journaling get started?

10pm - Dystopias: Are They Done?

Conference Center

Track: Speculative Fiction Literature

Type: Panel

Participants: Christopher Brown (moderator), Mikal Trimm, Nancy Smith, Suyi Davies Okungbowa, Gabrielle Faust

Are they done? If not, what is the attraction? Is the opportunity to reset a dangerously seductive one? What do we get out of visualizing the worst outcomes and the processes by which we get there?


3pm - Self-care for Writers and Artists

Southpark A

Track: Writing, Editing & Publishing

Type: Panel

Participants: Marguerite Reed (moderator), Urania Fung, Gabrielle Faust, Jessica Reisman, Don Webb

Advice and frank discussion of self care, mental health, pitfalls and solutions.

4pm - How to Build A Religion

Southpark A

Track: Writing, Editing & Publishing

Type: Panel

Participants: Matt Cardin (moderator), Gabrielle Faust, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Mark Finn, Jessica Reisman, Stina Leicht

Going beyond gods and demons and hells and magic spells. What are the possibilities in creating realistic belief systems?