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REVENGE Book Release Updates

Unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign for the REVENGE audio book did not reach its goal this time around. We have returned to the drawing board to see how we can bring this aspect of the REVENGE world to fruition. Until that time you can still listen to the first chapter, performed by award-winning performance artist Guy Forsyth on YouTube. Please continue to spread the word and share the extraordinary experience that is REVENGE.

On a much brighter note regarding REVENGE, we are inching closer to the release of the new edition of the novel! Originally REVENGE was to be re-released at the beginning of May. However, after a few minor setbacks, the final printer's proof was ordered today and will be arriving in my eager little hands on July 12th! The new edition will include a variety of beautiful black and white illustrations by a myriad of artists, including yours truly. It will also feature a much larger font (requested by many of my readers) making it far easier on the eye.

The new edition is now available for pre-sale on the REVENGE website: for $15.95. All pre-orders will be autographed and will be accompanied by a special thank you gift for your support and your patience!


Gabrielle Faust

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