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Quick ATX Bites on The G Spot Reviews and More

Now that life is finally calming down and I have a good writing space in my new apartment, I'm finally getting back to writing and blogging. First up today was getting The G Spot Reviews updated with two new reviews. One is for the Austin institution Curra's Grill. The other is a mish-mash of "quick bites" I've had over the past few weeks during the move. Please take a moment to check them out and spread the word! I will also be adding personally developed recipes to the mix on G Spot Reviews soon as I expand my venture into the culinary world. If I ever feel comfortable on video I might even host a cooking class or two! Exciting times are a foot! ;)


Enchiladas Al Pastor at Curra's Grill. Photo ©TheGSpotReviews 2019

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