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The Handmaid's Tale Was Supposed to be Fiction...

Louisiana is following suit in the creeping black plague of anti-women's reproductive rights in this country. I'm sitting here in Austin, Texas and I feel like I'm watching some sort of bizarre apocalyptic disease rolling towards my state, knowing that the powers that be in Texas are already trying to pass a similar bill. I've been a Southerner my entire life. I was born in Memphis and raised in Austin and New Orleans is my second home. But if this continues, and if we don't win back the White House in 2020, I may be laying down my Southerner title and relocating. It makes me sad. Really and truly sad. The South raises some damn strong beautiful women and the fact that there are SO many people, apparently, down here who don't think women should be treated as equal to men is just heartbreaking. But I will say this. If this battle comes to Texas, I will be out there fighting for my rights with a vengance. And anyone who's seen me go to that quiet wartime rage knows what I am capable of. I am a Southern woman. I will NOT go quietly into that good night. I will NOT go quietly. Mark my words.

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