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1920 L-3 Gibson Guitar For Sale

Alrighty guitar geeks of the world with a lot of cash on hand! My father has decided to sell (sobs quietly) his 1920 L-3 Gibson acoustic guitar in order to pay down some debt. This beauty just got back from being fully cleaned and spruced up and is shining like it did in 1920!

Here's the story of the guitar in my dad's own words...

"I bought the guitar in 1965 from a antique shop in Hoboken called The Calendar Shop of Current Events. The guitar was part of the estate of two brothers in Hoboken who were collectors. As far I know, I was the first person to the play the Gibson and the 2nd owner. I never played the instrument with picks and cared for it all these years. There is one instance when a person asked to hold the guitar and proceeded to play in a wild way with a flat pick and this added some scratches to the finish just under the soundhole . I of course was horrified and got it out of his hands immediately. Other than this, the Gibson is in mint condition. I have sent pictures attached to this email and a second one to follow. Let me know if the pictures are enough views.

About Luke Faust:

Luke Faust is a musician, poet, artist and Tai Chi practitioner. He began writing poetry and continued his interest in music during his junior high years. His first instrument learned at the age of 9 was harmonica. He added banjo and guitar to his instrument repertory in his mid teens, tunneling through the Library of Congress folk series and learning all sorts of songs, classic ballads and blues from the Southern Mountains. Luke also developed as a song writer and has contributed to many recording projects over the years.

In the early 1960s he played a five-string banjo and sang Appalachian ballads, at The Gaslight Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York City. One of his fellow entertainers at the Gaslight was Bob Dylan who described Faust as "Someone closer in temperament to me."

Faust moved to Hoboken, New Jersey in 1963. In the 1960s he performed with the Holy Modal Rounders, was a founding member of the band The Insect Trust, founded 'The Jug Jam' an improvisational Jug band with Perry Robinson, played with 90 proof - a band with Steve James, played with The Carolina Jug Stompers and recorded with Dave Van Ronk.

Nowadays, he helps run the Monroe Street Movement Space in Hoboken, NJ. and has continued writing poetry and songs for over 70 years. Luke brings his various skills and talents to the problems and challenges of building and maintaining the Movement Space. This musician/artist/poet is also a builder/fixer/mechanic/machinist and shows a certain aptitude as a generic grandpa."

MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED at gabriellesfaust (at) gmail (dot) com. Please, serious inquiries only.

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