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We're Off and Running Into 2019

​​Well, the past couple of weeks have been a blur as I've dived headfirst into the new year! I made a promise to myself at the end of 2018 that 2019 was to be my "comeback year". The struggles of the past few years, as so many of us have experienced, laid to waste much I had been working on. Or, perhaps that is a bit extreme to say — perhaps not "laid to waste", but definitely put on the back burner many of my projects while I tended to one life crisis after another. No more! Life will be life, but now is the time to rise above the struggle and take life by the horns once again!

In the past two weeks I have achieved two accomplishments which I am very proud of. On January 7th both Ice Pick's Pies and the newly reinvented FAUST Luxury Organic Soap line were launched! And thus far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive on both fronts.

The FAUST Luxury Organic Soaps are now available through my website (HERE) and my Etsy store, as well as two local boutiques: Secret Oktober and The Glass Coffin! Be sure to look for our product writeup in the next issue of Rue Morgue Magazine. And this is just days after its launch!

​​Ice Pick's Pies will be primarily an online bakery with delivery service in the Austin and surrounding areas for the first year with aspirations of either a food truck or a brick and mortar location in 2020. Ice Pick's Pies will also be setting up shop at various art markets, farmer's markets, concerts, and other events throughout the year. Please take a moment to check out the beautiful website and like IPP on Facebook at

Now that the foundation has been laid for these two ventures I will be continuing work on my latest series of paintings entitled "The Artist & The Critic" which will be composed of abstract portraits of famous artists, designers, chefs, and their critics. This series was inspired by a number of documentaries I have watched over the past few years, as well as my own personal heroes who have inspired me throughout my life.

"The Fashion Designer"

I will also be returning to my writing. I have a zombie short story I have completed and will be shopping around soon, as well as a novella I will be starting soon. The YA novel I have been working on for the past year and half has caused me some fits, but I will be revisiting this problem child manuscript soon. It deals with so very many societal issues millions of teens must deal with in their struggle to adulthood, from parental abuse, mental illness, drug addiction, depression, and more. It is a story that must be written and shared. And, perhaps, because it is so personal a subject matter for me to communicate is the reason I have been tip-toeing around completing it. No more! As aforementioned in the beginning of this post 2019 is the time to face things head-on and complete the projects life tried to silence in the past!

More to come soon! It's going to be an exciting year! XOV''''VOX

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