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Artwork for Charity

Hello everyone! I'm back. I've been down the proverbial rabbit hole the past few weeks focusing on my day job in the restaurant world as I prepare myself diligently for owning my own cafe one day, but also painting. I've created a few new pieces and have been featured in two charity art shows. One benefited the Zach Scott Theater here in Austin. The other was for the Octopus Club for their annual Art Erotica show, benefiting the AIDS Services of Austin. My artwork raised, cumulatively, nearly $1500 for the charities/organizations, which I am very proud of. I am, as of late, very drawn to donating artwork to charity auctions. You see, here in Austin, where it often seems that everyone is an artist in some medium, and even though there is a plethora of wealthy individuals buying overpriced condos everywhere, artists have a very hard time actually selling their work. At least for what they should actually ask for it.

Often times an piece that should sell for several hundred dollars, if not thousands, is undersold for barely enough to cover the cost of materials and simply because people seem to value it less and less in this town. When I donate art to charity auctions, the organizations set the prices and the people who buy the artwork can write it off their taxes as a "donation". Thus, they are willing to buy art for what it is actually worth. I in turn can write my donation off my taxes, which is in essence a form of being paid for my artwork.

Plus, I'm doing something good for the community. It sounds, perhaps, a bit selfish, and a convoluted way to go about being a working artist in this town. But if you step back from it, it really makes sense. I plan to donate artwork to at least two more auctions this year and am thrilled at the idea. In addition, I am in talks with Zach Scott Theater about doing a solo exhibition of my new collection in November where a portion of the proceeds will go to their youth programs. Right now I'm about 5 paintings away from my goal for the collection. It's very satisfying to see it all come together. While I still wish I was more focused on my writing, I know I will return to that when the time is right.

Much love to you all. More updates soon! XOV''''VOX

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