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One Strange Day

*I forgot to post this last weekend...*

I think the residual energy left over from Friday the 13th is still lingering as today has been an odd one, thus far. It began with seeing a random high-backed bar stool on the on-ramp of the highway, followed by spotting a very nicely dressed man running down the center of I-35 heading north in the south-bound lane. Pretty sure there were drugs involved there. Then we noticed a flurry of white papers fluttering high above the highway about a half mile north which looked like someone had thrown a manuscript of some sort off the top of a building. There's also a random fedora on the side of the highway. Just throwing that in because it was noticed...

We arrived at The Omlettery, our favorite diner, to be told by one of the waitresses that we had just missed Elija Wood. And according to her, the guy waiting on Elija messed up his order so Elija only tipped 20%. LOL! Then she told us a fabulously entertaining story about her "drunk roommate" and a random pit bull that tried to get into her backyard the other day.

Her story went something like (to paraphrase)...

"So I'm trying to chase this pit bull away from my back yard, but also trying to keep her in the yard, kind of like I was dating this dog. Then my drunk ass roommate comes out in his PJ's and slippers at 5 in the afternoon and runs his hand down the dog's back only to proclaim that the blood was not her's but wild boars, which are, according to him, rampant in north Austin. And if he had a helicopter he'd show them to me and shoot them..."

SO... Here's my reworking of the series of events...

It starts out with the waitress and her story of the pit bull. She finally makes it in to work to find her coworker is waiting on Elija Wood. Switch to Elija's perspective. He's waiting on a guy who says he has written a manuscript that Elija would absolutely be perfect for. The guy gets there and after very Pulp Fiction like dialogue, Elija rejects the manuscript which sends the guy over the edge. The guy has a mental break and ends up climbing up on top of a building and throwing the manuscript off the roof and then ends up running down the highway. But then he remembers he lost his fedora on the side of the road a few miles back and turns around to run back down the highway searching for his hat.

Not sure where the bar stool comes in...

We'll see what the rest of the day brings...

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