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Cancer Can Bite It - Cancer Charity Anthology

Everyone has been touched by cancer – whether it's you personally, a family member, or friend. Cancer is not a ribbon, not a color, not a promotional "cause" – it's real and it sucks on so many levels. This is way to, hopefully, make it suck a little less.

We are now open for submissions for a CHARITY anthology benefitting the Cancer Support Community of North Texas. This is an UNPAID anthology with proceeds going directly to charity – this will primarily be ebook with the possibility of hardcopy. The only "costs" will be doing any print copies through someone like CreateSpace.

What we're looking for – short stories, essays, and/or artwork of any subject — cancer does not have to be the focus. We mostly come from a shared Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror background – but your story or art can be in any genre – just please no fan fiction or fan art. Original work only.

REPRINTS will be accepted – just let us know where it originally ran.

This will be a non-exclusive First Serial Rights.

DEADLINE: April 30, 2018


  • Word length – 8,000 words MAX

  • Please send your story in 12pt Times New Roman

  • 1 – 1.5" margins all around, DOUBLE SPACED

  • We are open to all genres. Keep in mind the “no thank you’s” listed below.

  • Email submissions in .DOC or .DOCX

Art Work:

  • Work that evokes an emotion

  • Work that captures a moment in time

  • Character and mood

  • Unusual approaches to figure, line, and color

  • Imagination

  • Line art/black and white

No, thank you:

  • Torture Porn

  • Hard core erotica

  • Cliché genre tropes

  • Furry themes

  • Email submissions attached as .png or .jpg, not more than 1000x1000 pixels to

Any questions, contact Gabrielle Faust at

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