Vampire Bloody Mary

Hello everyone! I received some great news the other day from my friends over at Vampire. If you're a fan of Blood Mary cocktails, they are now unveiling a new canned all-natural version which is gaining quite a bit of buzz (no pun intended) already from testers. Currently the product is still in development with hopes of being released in the very near future. If you're interested in becoming an investor, you can help to bring this product to realization with as little as $1. All of the information you need to know can be found in their press release below. Spread the word! :)

At Long Last, a Ready-to-Drink Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail


We sell a great tasting, all natural, ready-to-drink gourmet Bloody Mary in 12 oz sleek cans, made with vodka, real tomatoes, and natural ingredients using a patented recipe that prevents the vodka from separating from the tomato juice.


To become the go-to Bloody Mary Cocktail for bars, restaurants, airlines, stadiums, hotel mini-bars, golf courses, tailgating parties, and home.


  • Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail, an exciting new company is the latest spin-off of the wildly successful Vampire Wine Brand.

  • We've developed a formula that prevents the vodka from separating from the tomato juice in the can

  • Our Bloody Marys have been taste tested with rave reviews from Bloody Mary fans at festivals across the country

  • We have distributors waiting to take on the product around the country

  • Our retailers are ready and waiting to take on the product

Be a part of a growing franchise for the best-tasting, groundbreaking, Vampire Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail in a can.

View our offering on Start Engine ( and you can own a piece of the Tomato.


Link to Vampire Start Engine crowd funding page

Link to 60 sec Vampire Bloody Mary video on Vimeo

Download 60 sec Vampire Bloody Mary video

Link to Vampire Bloody Mary website

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