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It's been quite a while since I posted over here on my site. My bad! But the good news is I've been working on TONS of new projects. I've been working with 360 Studios to breathe some new life into the ETERNAL VIGILANCE script in hopes of getting funding for this "little" flick in the next couple of years. The script is under review while I work on completing the "look book" and "pitch deck" for potential investors. Exciting!

Hunter's Heart

I've been diving head first into my art the past few months and am happy to say that I finally have a style I'm thrilled about creating a series from. Keeping fingers crossed that I can create enough pieces before the end of the year so I can start submitting to galleries in 2018 with hopes of a feature show. Some of those paintings are now available on my Etsy store here:

On a random note... Those of you who follow me on my various social media networks have become familiar with my obsession with cooking and competitive cooking shows. A couple of weeks ago I entered a recipe contest for a custom burger for the Valor Burger & Bar restaurant in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Low and behold I placed in the top 3 (my second recipe was top 5)! I competed this last weekend in a cook-off with the other contestants and tied for 1st PLACE! My very first cooking competition and I walk away tied for 1st. I couldn't be happier!

Spicy Poblano & Sun-Dried Tomato Burger

Thus, at the suggestion of one of my supporters on my Patreon account, I have posted the winning recipe as a "reward" for all of my supporters at $1/month or more. I will be posting new recipes each week for my supporters and these recipes will only be available to my supporters and not the general public. ;) I have been developing recipes since college with hopes of publishing my very own cook book one day. Fingers crossed!

If you're interested in receiving these recipes, plus all of the other perks of being one of my supporters please sign up at You can cancel at any time.

That's about it for right now. The young adult paranormal novel is still in the works and hopefully I'll have the time to complete that in the next couple of months. Life has been pretty chaotic this year so I thank you for your patience. Good things are brewing in the Bat Cave. I promise!



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