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A New Perk For My Patreons

Looking to get caught up on my older novels? I'm adding another special perk to my Patreon account! Along with all of the other digital gifts, at the $1 a month level you will also have access to regularly released chapters of a selected feature novel! At the $10 level you will also receive, along with all of the digital downloads and free chapters, you'll also receive your monthly mailed gift of artwork, books, and more. Starting tonight, the featured novel is The Lineage!

"Tristan Faust had led a rather ordinary life until he crossed paths with a vagabond tribe of nomadic vampires led by a mysterious man named Dorian. Twenty years later, Tristan has come to realize that all of Dorian’s tales about the majesty of the vampiric life were lies as he is drug through the back streets of America in a bloody river of violence, night after night. In the midst of one of their brutal hunting parties, a member of their own is horrifically slain by an unseen force sending the tribe running for their lives. One after the other their family is ripped apart until Tristan is confronted with the truth of his own familial lineage, as well as the ulterior motives of his Maker..."

Please help to spread the word. :)

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