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My ArmadilloCon Schedule

My favorite little Austin literary convention, ArmadilloCon, is right around the corner. I will be speaking on panels both Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of August. Below is my schedule: ArmadilloCon 39 Schedule for Gabrielle Faust Short Fiction, Magazines vs. Online Sat 11:00 AM-Noon Ballroom D D. Afsharirad, D. Cherry, G. Faust, Ma. Finn*, T. Quachri, P. Sarath Gardner Dozois has been warning of the extinction of SF magazines for decades. Are online venues the nail in the coffin, or a possible chance for regeneration? Texas Dark and Twisted Sat Noon-1:00 PM Southpark A C. R. Cargill, S. Cupp*, G. Faust, W. Spencer, H. Waldrop Texas writers have a strong tradition in dark fantasy and horror - sometimes with a twisted sense of humor. The Return of the Feminist Horror Panel Sat 5:00 PM-6:00 PM Southpark A G. Faust, Mi. Finn, D. Humphrey, D. Johnson, S. Leicht*, J. Nevins Pick your Poison: Dystopian vs. Post-Apocalyptic Sat 8:00 PM-9:00 PM Southpark A J. Conner, G. Faust*, J. Jacobs, T. Wagner Discussing the distinction with examples. Serial Killer: Books that ended a series Sat 9:00 PM-10:00 PM Southpark B G. Faust*, J. Moyer, C.J. Mills, T. Prevost Books that ended a series (or career) Sometimes a great series or even career suffers a major setback, due to publishing, marketing, or promotion snafus, or sheer bad luck. Share horror stories (yourselves or others), ideas for protection / recovery. Handmaid's Tale Revisited Sun Noon-1:00 PM Southpark B P. Benjamin, G. Faust, P.J. Hoover*, D. Humphrey, T. Prevost, S. Leicht This classic seems more relevant now than ever. Why does this story resonate, and what does it say about current events and culture? How is the TV adaptation working? Signing Sun 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Dealers' Room J. Brown, G. Faust, J. Perez, A. Porter, J. Rountree, B. Wright

...and also, here is a link to the general schedules if you want to see the rest of the convention:

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