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The First 5 Things to Simplify in Your Life

You’ve decided to make a change and begin the process of simplifying your life. However, you may still be wondering what your first steps should be. Is it more important to de-clutter your closet or streamline your morning routine? Fret not! Here are the first five things you should simplify for a more balanced and harmonious life.

  1. Material Accumulation – Begin by de-cluttering, not only your workspace, but your world in general. While we are often raised in today’s society to believe we need every latest gadget, garment, and knick-knack, in the end our material possessions can begin to suffocate us. By clearing out our surroundings we can see the world and our true path to success.

  2. Your Calendar – Take a look at your calendar. How many social engagements and work deadlines do you have to attend this week? Have you left “down time” for yourself? If not, decide which events are absolutely mandatory and which are unimportant. Your time is precious – save it for what really matters.

  3. Your Goals – It is important to have goals. However, if you have too many it will become impossible to achieve all of them. Minimize your list of goals to your top three. Once you have achieved those, then move to the next three. You may realize that the goals you had listed prior have changed based on your experience and the results from achieving the first three.

  4. Negative Mental Chatter – We all have that little voice inside of us that nags at the periphery of our consciousness in times of anxiety and stress. It is easy to embrace the negative white noise. Fight that temptation – when negative thoughts enter your mind attempt to silence them and replace them with affirmations and positivity.

  5. Screen Time – It’s time to unplug. The average American watches approximately five hours of television programming per day. Add in computers, smart phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, we essentially spend the majority of our existence nowadays in front of a little glowing screen. Turn it all off and tune in to real world. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing.

What steps have you taken to simplify your life? Leave your experiences in the comments below.

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