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The Uninhibited Enjoyment of Lost Inhibitions

If you're a fan of the vino hop on over to Austin Food Magazine for my latest review. This time I am reviewing two blends from Lost Inhibitions!

In all of my years as a food and wine reviewer I can count on one hand the number of times a particular entrée or varietal left me with a subtle sense of confusion. Recently I was presented with the opportunity to sample two wines in a relatively new collection from the Canadian Church and State winery, entitled Lost Inhibitions. Designed with the intention of each bottle being a conversation starter before even it is opened with labels like “You’d Better Delete That”, “Just Get Over It”, and “I’d Shave My Legs For You”, there is no pretention about these wines in the least. Lost Inhibitions is a line crafted for the clever, snarky, outgoing wine lover who has absolutely no qualms about speaking their mind. I was giddy when the box showed up with my sample bottles, provided by Church and State’s American distributor Smashing Bottles, Inc. And what I experienced upon tasting each of the blends was, indeed, a conversation starter, but in the most unexpected way. Continue reading:

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