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Overcoming Self-Doubt

One of the primary reasons most people do not go after their dreams is self-doubt. It is easy to sabotage your own plans by undermining them with needling questions about your ability to succeed. No one is going to read a book about this topic. Maybe they’re right and I’m just not very good at this? This is a waste of time—I should focus on more important things like working on the house...

Often, we can become our own worst enemy not even realizing how detrimental our thoughts and actions can be. However, we can begin to overcome our self-doubt by becoming more aware of our inner dialogue and replacing the negativity with positive reactions and practices.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You are not a carbon copy of anyone else. You are unique and your abilities can only be measured against your own. When you compare yourself to others you are setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment. Embrace who you are and discover your true potential.

Don’t Let Their Negativity Become Yours

Negativity is contagious. Do not allow naysayers to dampen your enthusiasm for your dreams and goals with their doubts and criticism. If someone is being overly critical of your ambition walk away and remind yourself of the importance of your work.

The First Draft is Not the Final Draft

Remember that your first stab at a project is usually not the final version. Try not to get bogged down with perfectionism at the very beginning, which can deter you from completing a first draft. You will have many opportunities to revise and polish your work before it is released for public consumption.

Stop Seeking Others’ Approval

Constantly seeking validation from other people and asking their opinion on your work inevitably opens the door for possible criticism and negativity by others. The only approval you need is from yourself while you are working on your project. There will be plenty of time for outside reviews once it is completed.

Congratulate Yourself

Who is going to sing the praises of your accomplishments, if not you? At every milestone be sure to reward yourself for all of your hard work. You are doing what millions of people are not: realizing your dreams. You should be proud!

What are some of your tips for overcoming self-doubt? Leave your advice in the comments below.


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