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Architecture and Vampires and Blogs

As many of you know I often guest post on a variety of other websites and blogs covering a variety of topics. Few know that for the past couple of years I have been managing the social media for a local architecture firm called Kinney & Associates. This year I have ramped up my efforts to post regularly on their blog about various real estate, architecture, and development issues here in Austin, Texas. This week I have a few new posts up which, if you are interested in such subjects, I highly encourage you to check out. :)

The Financial and Moral Dilemma of Austin Housing Costs -

Is Austin Ready for Car-Free Luxury Living? -

Making Austin Solar Ready -

On another completely opposite topic, but also regarding blogs, if you're a fan of vampire movies hop on over to Wight Blood to read my review of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT! The UK horror review site has picked up my original review of the film for reposting since they are celebrating the movie this week.

Thank you so much to Alain for reposting the review! Always wonderful to have new viewers for my work. And if you haven't seen 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and are in need of an epic scare, look up the movie tonight on Netflicks!

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