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My Cousin in China

Hello everyone. Anyone feeling as shell shocked as I am these days? I seriously think the entire world is just sitting around with a perplexed look on their faces with their mouth half open in between trying to self-medicate in order to not go crazy. Because the American government obviously has. Each week, on Friday, I do a tally of the destruction the Trump/Bannon administration has done and it is shocking. It is the stuff of fiction. Of post-apocalyptic horror stories. If I were writing a novel I would NEVER have this much shit go sideways so quickly because, prior to this administration, it wouldn't have been believable. Trump has proven me wrong.

Where are the X-Men mutants when we need them?

Down here in Texas, Austin to be specific, we are now feeling the effects of the Muslim/travel ban. Governor Iron Sides (a.k.a. Abbott) has signed on in full force with Trump and has cut over $2 million in government funding to our county. He has also threatened to jail any sheriff or government authority caught protecting a suspected illegal immigrant and their families. Now, what people don't understand is that the government funding doesn't just effect immigration. We're talking schools, health care, the homeless, roads, you name it. He's basically essentially slashing a child's ability to eat at school just because he's scare a Mexican might be working a legitimate job. HELLO!!!! It's Texas, you fucking asshole... Sorry... Sometimes the rage just comes out....

I could rant and rant and rant for days. Thank the gods for Keith Oberman (I never in a million years thought those words would cross my lips) for leading the Resistance and saying exactly what I am thinking each and every day. Screw Anonymous -- Keith Olberman is the force of the people now. Along with Bernie. I've been too overwhelmed to blog each day but I have decided, as of today to start doing so. At least posting the "digest" of each week.

But there is one conversation I had today that really struck a cord and that was with my cousin William Faust who currently lives in China. He has been there, working and living for several years and is now engaged to a beautiful Chinese girl. He messaged me today to say that the Chinese people are terrified that Trump is going to start a war with China. And I responded in kind, that we are just as terrified. And what exactly would be the point of starting a war with one of the most powerful countries in the world? One that we receive 90% (that's probably not accurate) of our imports from because we have everything manufactured there. I mean, where will Trump have his ties and hats manufactured? Seriously? Bannon is behind all of this.

And that is what is most terrifying, the fact that Bannon is behind this. Who the hell is this guy??? What is his main objective??? He has named Satan and Darth Vader among ideals he respects and strives towards. He believes the country must burn and be rebuilt. And now he is in one of the most powerful positions in all of the world.

Meanwhile, we have to keep going. We get up each day, go to work if we can, eat lunch and dinner, try to give a shit about working out, try to not give up on our creative and professional dreams. All the while the world is rapidly crumbling around us. I mean, it's like I'm on an iceberg that is eroding on all sides, but I'm still expected to sit at an easel calmly and paint knowing the place where I am sitting won't be there in a matter of weeks, if not days.

I know I am not alone if feeling like I am having a hard time dealing with this. I would love to hear from you and let me know your approach to this disaster. Please message me here or on facebook at or tweet to me at Gabrielle_Faust.

We are in this together. Stay strong. Stay in the Resistance!

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