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Marketing 101 For New Authors Workshop Announced!

Recently I tested out my new "Marketing 101 For New Authors" talk at the 2016 Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve in Dallas and it was wonderfully received! Thus, I have decided to expand upon this convention talk to make it an all-day in-depth workshop where we will explore exactly what new authors need to ensure the success of their first book release!

Included in the day's discussion, along with breakout work sessions, will be:

* Where to begin your marketing efforts.

* Defining and identifying your audience.

* What to do when you receive a less than eye-catching book cover.

* The difference between traditional and social media.

* What you need to have in place before your book is published.

* How to build and maintain your social media following.

* Should you separate your public and private accounts.

* Etiquette for contacting the press and book reviewers.

* Whether online promotions are worth it.

* Building a book tour.

* What to expect cost-wise.Each participant will receive a take-home booklet containing all of the information covered, as well as additional tips to assist you on your way.

A boxed lunch option is available with delectable catering by Courtyard Marriott.

The first event is slated for March 25th at the Courtyard Marriott Airport in Austin, Texas! Seating is limited so be sure to register early!

More details can be found on my site here:

Also be sure to sign up on the Facebook page to join the conversation!

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