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Why I Unfriend Trump Supporters

I received an email from one of my readers today telling me how "disappointed" they were in me for having unfriend them on Facebook and unfollowing them on Twitter after they posted pro-Trump commentary. On the surface this move on my part may seem "childish", but trust me, it is not. In elections past I have always had friends and followers on both sides of the debate and have more than eagerly openly listened to their thoughts, opinions, and concerns. I have sat at bars and at conventions many a time listening to the other side and having an open and rational conversation about the topics. Note I said "rational". That is where this takes a turn.

What I have witnessed the past year in politics has caused me to break down in tears more than once and caused me to literally fear for, not only my rights as an American, but my life as a bi-sexual pagan woman. To those who voted for Trump, whether because of your true beliefs or just because you hate Hillary, you have shown me that you are perfectly content to place in the highest seat of power in our country a man who waves his hate-splattered flag with a sociopathic smirk and now gloats from his literal golden throne as he appoints some of the most dangerous men and women in the world to aid him. If you are of any persuasion other than straight, white, Christian, and male in this country you can damn well be sure that they are gunning to destroy every single right you have fought so hard for for the past one hundred years. Trump supporters say this is "liberal hysteria". Really?

This isn't just about 20 million Americans losing their healthcare. This isn't just about mandatory recitation of the pledge of allegiance argued about in past years. This is basic rights to safety and respect. Trump openly expresses his hate and contempt for anyone who isn't lining his own pockets. He threatens tens of millions with deportation, loss of citizenship, and worse, incarceration in Guantamo Bay. He has appointed CEOs of oil companies and women who believe that disabled children and LGBT individuals be outed at schools and kicked out into the streets. His closest aid is behind the alt-right, *cough*, neo Nazi movement. HE IS ENDORSED BY THE KKK! He has allied himself with Putin, already endangered diplomatic ties with most of the world's biggest and most dangerous countries, and all the while is more concerned about Alec Baldwin's impersonation of him than taking a daily security briefing. Remember 9-11? It might have been avoided if Bush had read a security briefing instead of going golfing.

But who am I to play historian...?

Because you decided to cast your vote for one of the most repulsive excuses of human excrement I and my fellow women and LGBT community members must now watch the news on a daily basis to see just how much worse it was prior to the day before. I live in constant utter fear of what is to come. You, the person who is now indignant that I unfriended them, believes you are entitled to remain on my social media pages.

No, I'm sorry. That's not how this is going to work.

I will not personally argue with you. I will not retaliate and engage you individually one person at a time because, frankly, I am emotionally exhausted. This election season took a toll on me both mentally and physically and I owe you not one more ounce of my energy or time. You did this to us. You chose. And I can choose, which may soon be one of my ONLY rights left in this country after December 19th, to not listen to your to your avid support of the destruction of democracy in America. Thus, if you respect me and my work as much as you said you "used to" then have the decency to respect how deeply and tragically your vote has affected me. Bad mouth me if you must. Go throw my books in the trash for all I care. I have far greater things to worry about now, thanks to you, than my popularity on social media.

Good night.

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