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101 Ways to Fall Apart and Other Updates

Hello my darklings! I know I've been pretty sparse in my blog posts as of late. If you saw my post yesterday about the #HoldOnToTheLight campaign you'll have a better idea of what I've been going through. Also, my surgery is now only 6 days away!!! I can't believe it. After a year of agony, exhaustion, depression, and countless doctors' visits I am days away from having the fibroid removed from my uterus so I can begin working my way back to the rockstar status I had before. I could not have done it without your support and generous donations! I have SO MUCH LOVE for you all that I cannot even begin to describe it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Now, for some good news (about time, right?)! My poetry collection "101 Ways to Fall Apart" will be debuting on Amazon in a few days! I am super excited about it. This is the first printed collection I have done in almost seven years and combines my previous work with new poems, as well as a selection of artwork spanning almost 20 years. I received the proof last week and it looks beautiful! The reviews have already started coming in and they are glowing, which is a massive relief to me. I have, honestly never had my poetry "reviewed" before because poetry is so subjective and emotional. It is overwhelming to have them well received. Here are a couple of review quotes, thus far:

"Gabrielle Faust, with her poetry, creates portraits and scenarios with words that are as deft and fine as the brushstrokes of a master painter."

-- Michael Marano, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of Dawn Song & Stories From the Plague Years

"In 101 Ways to Fall Apart, Faust expertly achieves the rare combination of poetry and artwork that, once blended, elevates each to a separate plane. Without taking too much from the poetry, the art carries the work, making visual the ache and sorrow present in each flowy poetic instance... these poems beckon me back and the book becomes a prism wherein I might always find new angles or glints of literary delight." -- After the Pause Magazine

In other book news... I am still plugging away at the YA novel I started at the beginning of the year. It is still what I believe going to be one of the best novels I've written thus far. However, my medical issues have made it difficult to keep up the frantic pace needed to churn work out at a breakneck speed. So, I thank you for your patience. I also began turning my eyes back towards the fifth book in the ETERNAL VIGILANCE series. That will be on the slate for completion in 2017 so you hopefully will not have long to wait if you have already made it through the first four. :)

And, the last bit of book news is the announcement of the special edition of REVENGE! Together with my publisher Barking Rain Press I will be producing a special edition of this wondrous novel which will include, not only a larger font which has been requested by all readers ;), but artwork, essays, and much more! I will be beginning work on curating and laying this out in the next couple of weeks once I am recovered from surgery. Check out the new REVENGE website at So, all in all, there is a lot of exciting work to look forward to in 2017!

Last, but not least, yes I am still planning events for the rest of the year. My doctor said I should be up and about in a week or so after the surgery and, hopefully, feeling better than I have in a long long time. If you would like to see my current schedule please visit the CALENDAR section of this website. Right now there are two main events I am doing, the Horror for the Holidays bazaar and the Marvel's Nerd Year's Eve convention, but I may be adding a few more here and there so be sure to check back at the beginning of the month.

Again, I love you all very much.



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