Fundraiser to Get the Surgery I Need

Thank you to those who bought prints last week to assist with covering my doctor's appointment today. They will be in the mail tomorrow! I have some good news. While the Acessa procedure I was looking into isn't the ideal solution for my uterine fibroid at this point, Dr. Devin Garza, one of the leading robotic surgeons in the country, said I am a perfect candidate for the robotic myomectomy procedure. This version of a myomectomy will allow me to be back on my feet in only two weeks time, instead of the 6 weeks the other doctors were saying. Now I just need to raise the funds to cover the procedure, which I need before the end of the year and is, of course, not covered by my insurance. I have started a medical expenses crowdfunding page. Please consider sharing this with your friends and family. Thank you, again, for all of your continued support!

Much love to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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