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Sci-Fi Summer Travel Guide

Extraterrestrial Highway

If you’re like millions of sci-fi loving Americans these days, you’re probably searching for inexpensive, yet still extremely entertaining ways to spend the remaining days of your summer months. With this in mind we have scoured the internet in search of everything from roadside attractions to legendary movie set locations in all parts of the country. Whether it’s scouting for UFO’s in Roswell or a trip to the original movie theater used in The Blob, there’s something for everyone and many of these may be a stone’s throw from your back door. So, rally the troops, jump in the car and hit the road for a few science fiction adventures you’ll not soon forget!


Mothman Museum

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

The Mothman Museum focuses on the paranormal urban legend of the Mothman, a demonic, winged creature thought to be associated with horrible tragedies in the small rural town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The museum is the perfect place for those fascinated with urban paranormal legends to research this phenomenon, from eyewitness accounts to historic documentation.

The Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum

Atlantic City, NJ

Based on the popular television show from the 1980’s by the same name, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum hosts a variety of bizarre and amusing installation pieces from Bakur the Gypsy to a Fiji Island mermaid.

Kennedy Space Center


The ultimate in exploration in space, the home of NASA, offers a variety of tours and viewings of space shuttle launches and landings. What better place than the Kennedy Space Center to get an up close and personal experience with Space Shuttle Launch Pad viewings, trips to Cape Canaveral, America's first satellite at the Air Force Space & Missile Museum, the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and educational visits to the International Space Station Center and LC 39 Observation Gantry.

Movie Theater From “The Blob”

The Colonial Theater

225 Bridge St.

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Experience the original 1988 B-movie classic The Blob first-hand with a trip to the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The Colonial Theater will also be hosting the BlobFest Friday Night Running Out Re-Enactment Revelry on July 10th at 8pm, which will feature a live stage show hosted by Dr. Frank N. Stone & Ghoul-A-Go-Go and music by The Neanderthals.


If you’re a movie fan, then New York City is your playground. Over the decades it has been the production home of thousands of films of all genres, from action-adventure to science fiction. Here are few distinct locations you can visit that have been highlighted in some of this century’s most memorable films.