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Culture Exchange 2016

Another two fabulous art events have been added to my Calendar as of this week. I have been accepted into the 2016 Cultural Exchange extravaganza which is occurring March 12th in Austin, Texas during SXSW!

Description: Culture Exchange is a collective of people coming together for the common goal of expanding horizons through diverse methods of self-expression without the notion of genres or ethnic groups. Culture Exchange provides a meeting place for people to learn from each other and grow, and to have experiences outside of their habituated scope. Artist and musicians from around the globe will share/showcase their crafts through art, handmade goods, food, music and entertainment.This year we are excited to be teaming up with Sacred Sound Gatherings & Feeling Loopy for this one of a kind warehouse party during SXSW!!

Event Page:

Ticket Link:

I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this event. Be sure to RSVP on the event page above and get your tickets as this will be one show that sells out really quickly!

Another exciting art opportunity I have been invited to be a part of is a unique contribution to the new food trail establishment owned and opperated by Nicholas Patrizi of "Patrizi's" and "Vic & Al's", here in Austin, Texas. They are soon to open a second location at the Historic Scoot Inn and I will be one of the artist to create an original painting on the side of the truck, which will be framed for the enjoyment of the restaurant patrons. Work on this piece will begin very soon!

Considering we are only a month and half into the year, I have a good feeling that this year is going to be a truly exciting one artistically! Stay tuned! :)

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