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Republicans, if you hate America so much...

Ok. Tiny Bat Rant, which I'm sure will piss some off. But if you are pissed by what I'm about to say, I probably don't want to be associated with you anyways so... *shrugs*.

Someone said to me yesterday, "You know, the Conservative side of things should be heard once in a while too." I stared long and hard at that sentence while my internal dialogue slammed its head against a cement wall while lighting things on fire. Really? You're "unheard"? Seems all we do these days is listen to the Conservative side of things. The outlandish, hate mongering, fear mongering, nightmare fantasy schitzophrenic ramblings of the elected conservative representatives of this country. We stand and watch, mouths agape and eyes wide with confusion, and yes, we listen. Oh BOY how we listen.

The rants of those you've placed in power have drowned out the more moderate conservatives. You know, the ones who still would like to garner a little respect and have the capacity to have rational two-way discussions and are, I've found, for the most part, as appalled as the rest of us by what we have seen become of our political landscape. And now, now the Conservative voice has become almost unbearable.

It makes me sick to my stomach to listen to the hatred and fear. Yes, the world is an awful place, full of awful people. Has been always and always will be. But instead of working forwards and attempting to solve the world's problems through reason and compassion, every time anything offends them we hear the screech of "KILL IT!!!!!!"

We get it. We get it. You hate everyone and everything that isn't of a rich, white, Christian, gun-toting, flag waving mentality. The country you rail about being "free", that was based on the concept of embracing the immigrants of the world is now a compound for you, where you will board up your walls to protect your backwards, pilgrim views of society and treat the rest of us like the walking dead.

They're coming to get you Barbara!

The gays, the poor, the Mexicans, the Syrians, the transexuals, the women, the metrosexuals with man-buns, the liberals, the democrats, the barista at Starbucks with the nose ring, the girl with purple hair, the guy driving an old beat up car, the homeless man on the corner, the people growing legal pot in Colorado, the goths, the metalheads, the wiccans, the Jews, the Hindus, the bisexuals, the Taoists, the universal spiritualists, the pro-choice people, the atheists, the guy who really doesn't give any fucks, the people of every nationality besides the homogenized one you seem to not recall being descendant of immigrants of... Yes, we are ALL out to get you. So close down your state borders, get your guns, and...Wait...

You (*cough* Governor Abbott *cough*) can't actually legally do that, can you? You can't close the borders of Texas to immigrants, because you don't have that authority. What are you going to do? Post Fort Hood at the airport and enact martial law on our state? A state which adamantly refuses to be told what to do and where to do it? Fuck...we're Texas! And your excuse now is that "guns are too easy to get in Texas". Hm, well, who's to blame for that? *taps side of head in thought* Oh, right! YOU ARE! You're the reason guns are given to every wackjob in Texas and kids can carry them on college campuses. Now it's your excuse to deny refugees from a war torn country solace and safety.

There's a special place in Hell for you. And it's not the level of Hell that you're condemning the rest of us to. No, we'll be partying like it's 1969 with Lucifer up in the upper echelon with Hunter S. Thompson, Dahli, Jopplin, and the rest of the motley awesomeness while you, good sirs, get picked apart by the more focused demons. Trust me, I know your religion probably better than you do. I've written books on it in depth, spent months if not years researching it. Your outcome won't be pretty... But I digress.

What I'd like to say at this juncture is that I have many conservative friends. And we have many rational conversations debating both sides. They are as appalled by what they are seeing the media and politicians do as the rest of us. But still, the loudest voices are the ones that are heard. And to think that this is what the world is seeing, hearing... It's no wonder we are the joke of the world.

I have at this juncture all but lost hope in America. I have certainly lost all respect for the state I have called home for 36 years. I was raised by a family that both fought in WWII and Vietnam, as well as marching in the streets with Martin Luther King and against the Gulf War. I was taught that to be American was to stand up and fight for the injustices against those repressed, to take pride in our country because we were where we could enact change with the "power of the people" and hopefully make a positive difference in this world. I was raised to believe that wars were a necessary evil but it was our American responsibility to take care of those effected by those wars and to help those who could not stand for themselves stand. Because we were America. We were supposed to be the "land of the free". And that we have struggled to fight our way out of slavery, segregation, and other abominable practices to ensure that all in this country were to have the right to be free.

And we are still fighting for that each and every day. And the fight is becoming harder and harder as the ultra conservative wing becomes stronger. We are losing. That is, if we, the American people, don't finally take a true stand against them. What that will look like, I can't even begin to imagine. But if we wait too long... All hope will be lost...

Free has no meaning anymore in this country. Not in the way that it was supposed to have meant, I suppose...

I was taught to treat all with respect and be proud of the fact that this nation was built on refugees and immigrants, people searching for a new life and the promise that America was where the "brave and free" could make anything out of their lives. To see that destroyed, to see the people who wrap themselves in the American flag transforming this country into a fear-laced monstrosity is simply heartbreaking. It is the beauty of difference upon which this country was dreamed and the belief that all were welcome here. It's not that there were less wars in previous generations, or that the atrocities within the wars back then were any less horrific than the ones committed now. Outside of the technology, humanity is no more brutal to itself than any other era in history. So why deny those in need safe harbor? I simply can't understand it.

So, yes, the ultra Conservative side needs to be heard. And it has been heard. And what we have heard is that you hate us all and are willing to kill us in order to create your ideal rich, white, Christian utopia where dinosaurs walked the earth with man and science isn't relevant, where immigrants of all nations are evil, and your social station in life is a reflection of the purity of your soul and not the government's inability to deal properly with economic issues. We hear how much you despise this country, all that it stands for, was built upon, and the people who reside within it.

My question to you is this: If you hate the United States of America so much, then why aren't you the ones leaving? Trust me, the world would be a better place if you did. In fact, we'll start a Kickstarter campaign to buy you your own island and the boat to get you there.