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Nocturnal Confessions

Hello everyone! It's been a little while since I last posted here so I thought you all deserved an update. Since I returned to Austin, progress on the YA novel has been a bit slow due to ye ole day job, but I am working on it when I have the time. Hopefully book sales will pick up this fall and I can return to more hours of writing as I know everyone has been very supportive of this new project. Once the first three chapters are completed I will share them on Patreon for my supporters' enjoyment. Hopefully that will be by the end of September. :)

Visit my Patreon page and donate just $1 or more to receive special previews of upcoming projects such as the YA novel mentioned above:

In the meantime I have been contemplating the return of an old project I maintained for nearly two years with my friend David de Lara called Nocturnal Confessions. This was an eclectic podcast where we interviewed everyone from musicians to burlesque dancers to vampires. We had a substantial international following over time, but as life has a way of working its failed magic, the money ran out and Nocturnal Confessions became too much for either of us to shoulder financially. This was a truly crushing reality blow for both of us.

To this day there are 46 completed episodes which still exist archived on Stitcher. You can listen to them here:

Here is a full synopsis of the show:

NOCTURNAL CONFESSIONS is a weekly podcast hosted by internationally acclaimed horror novelist Gabrielle Faust and notorious dark artist and photographer David de Lara. They invite you to take a peek behind the proverbial velvet curtain at the inner workings of the fascinating minds responsible for today’s vivacious artistic underground. From vampires and horror filmmakers to macabre new brow painters and gothic burlesque troupes Faust and de Lara explore the infinite facets of dark culture in search of intriguing new insights into the demented little world they call home.

It is my hope that with the support of past fans and future audience members that we can bring the podcast back to life. Unfortunately, back in February of 2014, when we bid adieu to the final show, we were forced to liquidize the studio. Thus, the return of the show would require us to purchase three new mics for interviewing, as well as three pairs of headphones. Continuation of the show would also require the monthly hosting fee of the website, as well as the streaming service for the live feed of the show (David knows more about that than I as he was also the engineer on the show.)

It's time now to ask if this radio show can be brought back by popular demand? While in production, we feel we produced some truly intriguing, entertaining, and diverse artistic programming that we were capable of. We also believe there is a world of opportunity for the show to grow and explore new territory. With your help.

Again, you can listen to past episodes on Stitcher here:

Thoughts? I would love to hear them? Like the Nocturnal Confessions page on Facebook and leave a comment showing your support! :)



PS/ My upcoming events in Austin, Texas include:

ATX Psycho Punk Fest

Circle Brewing Company Presents: Local Books, Local Beer

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