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A few reminders for today...In case you missed anything

A few reminders for today...In case you missed anything! :)

The ETERNAL VIGILANCE AUSTIN BOOK RELEASE PARTY is in just under two weeks! If you haven't RSVP'ed please do so we know how much booze, food, and, of course, BOOKS to have on hand for the evening's event.

Next up... If you've been thinking about placing an order through my Younique online store, now is a great time! We have tons of bonuses and bundles, as well as new products galore! Every purchase of $150 or more will receive a free eyeshadow color of your choice! Shop today @

If you haven't signed up for my newsletter please do so in order to get the first announcements about the upcoming ETERNAL VIGILANCE comic book series IndieGoGo campaign! Once I have received 5000 newsletter subscribers I will be launching the campaign, with IndieGoGo's assistance, and it will not be something you'll want to miss. :)!eternal-vigilance-comic-book-series/c1ur6

Last, but not least, I will be appearing at GeekFest in Kileen, TX along with Ari Marmell​ this coming weekend! Find out more and get tickets at I will be speaking on a panel with Ari Friday night at 8pm, followed by our VIP "Meet & Greet".

Please, as always, help to spread the word about these events. None of this could happen without your support!


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