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Thank You Space City Comic Con

Home safe and sound and exhausted from a whirlwind five days in Houston. Talk about one amazing weekend brimming with positivity and creativity! Thank you to Space City Comic Con​ for having me as a guest. To Laura Brasher​, George Comits​, Devin Pike, and Mark Burkett​ for all of your amazing assistance, promotion, and overall bad-assery throughout the convention, and to all of my absolutely awe-inspiring friends and fans who came out to support my work.

Thank you to my incredible friend Jonathan Maberry​ for his absolutely incredible advice and support, which has me chomping at the bit to dive headlong into my work tomorrow with a renewed vigor I have not felt in a very long time! Thank you to my love Doug Powell​ for all of the enthusiasm, positivity, and support I could ever imagine and assisting me throughout the convention. And thank you to Tartanic​ for transforming my book release party into an evening I will remember for the rest of my life!

As you all probably have noticed, I have been struggling these past few months, wrestling with demons and doubts about my place in the literary world. But after this weekend I have been reminded that, yes my work is not only relevant but powerful, and that my greatest accomplishments are not only ahead of me, but just within reach. Time and again I had my readers approach me with words of how my work has impacted them that on more than one occasion nearly brought me to tears. I cannot express my love and appreciation for all of you enough.

Today marks the beginning of something truly remarkable. Just wait and see! :)


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