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Crimson: Blood Will Run

Movie Review: “Crimson: Blood Will Run”

In many of my reviews of lower budget, independent films I have pointed out emphatically the importance of getting back to the basics of film making when you don’t have the expensive glitz and glam to fall back on: script writing, directing and acting. Just because one lacks an ample budget does not mean that one has to make tremendous sacrifices in these areas, especially in the case of casting. Time and time again I see actors in movies that I would honestly not cast for an elementary school musical and yet, they somehow land a leading role in an independent film. The choice of actors, no matter how awful or how clever the script may be, can make or break a movie. In the case of the new vampire film CRIMSON: BLOOD WILL RUN, it appears that Director Richard Poche has taken this to heart and it shows in his excellent selection of upcoming actresses. For the first time in weeks, when I popped this prescreening DVD in and hit “play” I did not cringe at the performances delivered by the cast. In fact, I found myself thinking that this was a group of young actresses, which we will, no doubt, be seeing quite a bit of in the future. Though still a bit raw, these girls obviously take their craft seriously and, as a result, fit perfectly into the b-movie vampire theme of CRIMSON with ease making this one thoroughly enjoyable flick.

In 67 minute film, CRIMSON: BLOOD WILL RUN, Sammi (Stuart Brazell) and Rosa (Jade Tailor) are on the run from a vampire cult lead by fearsome Rachel (Erika Smith). Rachel is bound and determined to bring Sammi and Rosa into the folds. In a sorority house nearby, nursing students Jodie (Elizabeth Di Prinzio), Carla (Jaimi Paige), Katie (Sarah MacKay) and Amy (Leesel Boulware) are gearing up for a night of partying. On their way back, they stumble upon Sammi, who has been injured in a fight with the vampires. Insistent on being good samaritans, the girls take Sammi back to their place to tend to her wounds. They realize all too quickly that they are now caught in the middle of Sammi and Rachel’s bloody war…

Every horror fanatic has a genre that they are particularly obsessed with. My personal obsession is with vampires. I will watch or read anything with the word “vampire” in the title. However, this also has caused me to become extremely critical of the genre and I have very strong opinions about what makes for a memorable vampire selection. For me to say that an underground film has the potential to become a cult hit is saying quite a bit and I can safely suggest that CRIMSON definitely has this potential. The writers have kept the storyline simple and campy with humorous dialogue riddled with classic b-movie one-liners. The pace of the movie is quick and consistent, with the plot building rapidly and diving directly into the action without hesitation. Again, the actresses deliver excellent performances, playing easily off one another and fitting perfectly into their roles, whether as sorority nurses or vampires. Erika Smith’s portrayal of the lead vampire is superb, an excellent mix of gothic sexiness and b-movie camp. The special effects are a bit crude, but this actually adds to the quirky feel of the film instead of detracting. Overall, CRIMSON: BLOOD WILL RUN is most definitely a vampire movie worth seeing. I look forward to viewing other productions from Richard Poche and his production house, Poche Pictures, in the years to come, especially his vampire films.

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