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L.A. Macabre

Today we have a special guest post from Ruthi Hymes, Associate Producer, L.A. Macabre Season 2 about the creation of their amazing show. For more information about L.A. Macabre visit their YouTube channel or donate to their Kickstarter at Enjoy!

* * * *

We’ve made a web series. Well, sort of. In reality, a handful of people made a really amazing season of a web series and a bunch of other people loved it so much that they hopped onboard to help make the second season. I was in the latter group. My friend Dan Ast created the show, called LA Macabre. I put off watching it for a while because often, when you watch a friend’s work, you’re forced to lie about liking it, saying it’s good when it isn’t. But then I watched LA Macabre. And I didn’t have to lie - not even a little. Here’s a blurb about the series: LA Macabre is the story of three young filmmakers (Colin, Ryan, and Jamie) who seek out a Manson-esque cult as part of their quest to capture the dark elements lurking throughout the City of Angels. It was thought that this particular cult, called the New Family, had been disbanded. The film crew manages to find a former cult member named Callie, who reluctantly agrees to discuss the New Family’s ideas and practices. But when her face is leaked onto the internet, things turn sour for everyone involved. Callie’s door is vandalized, someone films Colin, Ryan, and Jamie sleeping in their apartment, and a former cult member is murdered in the same house Callie and Colin had “creepy crawled” the night before. They’ve dug themselves into a deep hole, and by the end of Season One, it seems they may never find their way out.

I think it’s a testament to the quality of the show that the show’s team of volunteer producers has nearly doubled in size since the end of the first season. Also, the cast and crew of the first season didn’t get paid; these are professional filmmakers, but they have deferred their pay to work on this show. It’s a passion project for all involved. Watch it here. Now the second season is in development. Dan has been writing furiously while the first season has been touring the web fest circuit, winning tons of awards. Dan and David, an Executive Producer on the show, have been filling up their trophy cases. I’d be jealous if I weren’t so proud of them. We’re all beyond excited for Season Two, but we need help to make it, so we’re running a Kickstarter. It’s doing really well, but with Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing. And we really need it to be “all”. We’re so grateful for all the help we’ve received from our fans, friends, family, and the horror community at large, and we’d be so thankful if you could help us bring Season Two to life with a donation. Every little bit helps. You can donate at If you would also be so kind as to share the link to the Kickstarter with your friends, family, whomever, we’d really appreciate it - we need eyeballs on this thing! And if you happen to have a rich uncle who has always wanted to get in on the Hollywood game, feel free to send him our way. Just saying… And, of course, we’d love for you to see for yourself how awesome the first season is. Watch it here. I think once you do, you’ll agree that it’s something special.

* * *

Ruthi Hymes, Associate Producer - L.A. Macabre Season 2

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