​Vampires That Make Us Want To Be Willing Victims


Vampires are renowned for their ability to lure their mortal prey into their arms with the slightest of glances, the subtlest of gestures. Their sensual, seductive allure is irresistible to almost anyone with a pulse. In recent years, the preternatural creature has been elevated even more so to the lofty status of a dark, sexual icon of literature and cinema. I am often asked who I believe to be the “hottest” vampires in television and film, what actors have successfully made me want to offer my veins up in tribute. With that in mind, here are my top selections:


Henry Fitzroy – Blood Ties

Kyle Schmid portrays the vampire Henry Fitzroy, the 480 year old Duke of Richmond, bastard son of Henry VIII, who has set up camp in a swanky loft in Canada, pursuing a “day job” as a graphic novelist. Schmid is pure sex appeal in this television series: charming, intelligent, worldly and breath-taking handsome. Henry is the absolute epitome of the aristocratic modern vampire.

Eric Northman – True Blood

There is truly only one actor that could so perfectly portray an ancient Nordic vampire turned modern Louisiana sheriff and owner of the infamous vampire bar Fangtasia: Alexander Skarsgard. From his impeccable sense of fashion to his highlighted hair, Eric Northman is cold, calculating, cruel and completely in control in a way that is mysteriously irresistible. The perfect bad boy vampire!

Louis de Pointe du Lac – Interview With the Vampire

“Ah, Louis! I need only to follow the corpses of rats to find you, Louis.” Brad Pitt brought a uniquely angelic quality to the world of vampires with his portrayal of Louis de Pointe du Lac from Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. A true fallen angel with exquisite beauty and a painfully tortured soul Pitt gave audiences a vampire even the most jaded of mortals would willing submit to.

Lestat de Lioncourt – Interview With the Vampire

Say what you like about the slightly psychotic Tom Cruise, there is no argument that he perfectly embodied the demented, sexy “Brat Prince” Lestat of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. Vain, arrogant and completely o


Queen Akasha – Queen of the Damned

There are very few actresses who could have held the ability to portray the Queen of the vampires, Akasha, in Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned. Moving with an eerie grace through each of her scenes like an eel slithering through dark waters, Aaliyah’s natural, exotic beauty and grace was an absolute perfect fit for the centuries old source of all things undead.

Lestat de Lioncourt – Queen of the Damned

Where Tom Cruise’s portrayal of the infamous Lestat tapped into the character’s more demented side, Stewart Townsend embraced the more lavish and angelic side of the fanatically adored rock star vampire. While still delivering us the arrogant, untouchable side of the character, Townsend allowed the decadent sensuality that makes us so readily forgive even Lestat’s most reckless and sinister acts of cruelty pour through in his performance. But I must say that Lestat will forever be the Prince of the vampire world, no matter who represents him in film.

Selene – Underworld

Even removed from the setting of the Underworld films, there is an aspect of Kate Beckensale’s beauty that is simply otherworldly and too perfect to be considered mortal. Thus, when portrayed as a gun wielding, Lycan-hunting vampire dressed in a skin-tight black latex and leather suit…well, you get the picture, don’t you? Selene is the zenith of the sexy rogue vampiress: strong, determined, graceful and absolutely breathtaking in her physical perfection.

Brother Silus – Perfect Creature

Perfect Creature is a little known vampire movie and one of my absolute favorites. The talented actor Dougray Scott plays the part of a vampire priest named Brother Silus who has been charged with the retrieval of his rogue brother, a previous member of the priesthood who has gone on a psychosis-induced killing rampage. Truly dedicated to his position in this world as a member of the vampire church and, subsequent protector of humanity, Brother Silus represents a contradiction in the natural order of predator and prey that is mesmerizing. He navigates the film with a cold, mysterious otherworldliness that is deeply enthralling, drawing you in and making you want to know absolutely everything about him.

Santanico Pandemonium – From Dusk Till Dawn

As Santanico Pandemonium, or Esmeralda, the century-old vampire employed at a Mexican vampire establishment, just south of the border, Salma Hayek dances seductively in a bikini draped with a large yellow boa constrictor as she seduces the Gecko Brothers, the unwitting human bandits who just happened to wander into their lair. With her killer curves she need not fangs to glamour her victims, but for vampire fans, it is most definitely a plus in Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn. Santanico is, for me, the perfect representation of the decadently sensual side of vampires and is pure seduction in physical form.

Lady Sylvia Marsh – Lair of the White Worm

The Scottish film, Lair of the White Worm, based on Bram Stoker’s tale by the same name, is a wild, avante garde, serpentine take on the vampire mythos. Amanda Donohoe’s performance of the character Lady Sylvia Marsh, an ancient goddess resurrected in the form of an eccentric, wealthy aristocrat with a taste for human blood, is fierce, sexy and downright bizarre.

Jan Valek – John Carpenter's Vampires

As Jan Valek, the leader of the band of vampires in John Carpenter’s Vampires, Thomas Ian Griffith takes a more classic approach to the leading vampire role. Commanding, dark and soulless, yet completely irresistible, Jan Valek delivers us a source of ancient evil that makes us simultaneously, instinctively, want to flee, but find ourselves drawn impulsively towards him out of pure mesmerizing curiosity. As it is said: curiosity killed the cat.

Vlad Tepes – Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula

While Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula is not technically a vampire story, per say, it is a historical fiction depiction of the life of Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler) upon whose reign of terror the tale of Dracula is based. The movie shows what aspects of Tepes’ life could have led to the rise of the legend that he was a member of the undead. Rudolf Martin is beyond beautiful in this film. Terrible and ruthless, dark and mysterious, Martin draws in the audience and actually, in a way, makes one empathize with the character in a way previously thought impossible for such an infamous villain. While the actual historical figure of Vlad Tepes is anything but “hot”, Martin has somehow made him seem like the perfectly tortured, sexy villian. Spectacular!

Edward Dalton – Daybreakers

Ethan Hawke is mesmerizing in whatever role he chooses for he always pours his heart and soul into the character, including that of the vampire researcher Edward Dalton in the futuristic film Daybreakers (officially in theaters January 2010). His onscreen performance is riveting, his ease with the world of the undead fluid and natural. There is something innately sexy about the fact that this vampire is a scientific researcher: scientists are sexy! I predict that Edward Dalton will quickly become one of the most memorable cinematic vampire characters.