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Darryl Dawson's If It Bleeds Twitter Contest


Is your TV on right now? Are you watching the news? I’d turn it off if I were you.

My name’s Darryl Dawson. I’ve been in the TV business for over 20 years, and I know what it can do to a human being. I’ve seen a lot of terrible things, some of which I’ve converted into stories. You’ll find some of those stories in my 2009 collection, The Crawlspace.

More recently, I have written a book that everyone should read before they watch the local news tonight. This book, called If It Bleeds, is a nightmare carved from reality, a brutal horror story of controlled minds and corrupted souls. It is the documentation of a new kind of zombie—created not by a virus or a voodoo spell, but by television, one video frame at a time.

If It Bleeds tells the story of Moses Mayborne, a video editor and new father, who is given a chance to improve his standing with the TV station he works for, unaware of demonic forces being disseminated through its local news broadcasts. Those forces are turning the city into a pit of bloodthirsty cannibals. When his wife comes under the influence of the evil television signals and disappears with their child, Moses (with the help of the ghost of a dead co-worker) must find and save them while trying to save himself. Bram-Stoker-award-winning author Benjamin K. Ethridge calls it “one captivating little nail-biter, written with some of the best pacing and suspense I've had the privilege of reading in a long while.”

With the cooperation of Nightshade Publications, I’m giving away copies of If It Bleeds to three lucky winners. To win, all you need to do is follow me on Twitter (@ddawsonbooks) and watch my feed for my “subliminal communication.” When you see the tweet “WE ONLY TELL THE _____; ONLY WE TELL THE _____”, you will respond by completing the phrase with the one missing word: “TRUTH.” The first three eligible followers who do so will win a complimentary copy.

Prepare yourselves to win, and experience, my terrifying latest book—If It Bleeds. Good luck!

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