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Spring Fling Fiction Giveaway Contest


First, I want to thank my gracious host Gabrielle Faust for allowing me to promote my Spring Fling Fiction Giveaway Contest for Padre: The Narrowing Path published through Barking Rain Press.

The first three readers who follow me on Twitter at @JenLeeper1 and message me with the word ‘PADRE’, beginning April 1st will receive a copy of my book.

A Bit About Me

I enjoy writing short and long fiction, and everything in between, and if I had to choose between breathing and writing, I would only choose the former because without it, I can’t do the latter. My short and long fiction have been published in various literary journals and through publishers such as J. Burrage Publications and Barking Rain Press, which is also releasing my short collection, The Shoes and Other Stories, to be released later this year.

A Bit About Padre: The Narrowing Path

Three winning readers will follow Russell Capshaw, a successful New York advertising executive who tries to stave off his mid-life crisis with an extended drug binge in the Far East.

After treatment in a detox facility in Dublin, Ireland, he pays a visit to his estranged uncle, who has recently experienced a spiritual reversion to Catholicism—a faith that Russell himself left behind in childhood. Caught up in the spell of his uncle’s quiet devotion and the lush Irish landscape, Russell finds himself drawn to a new and very different life.

After joining the priesthood and taking the name Father John, he is sent to serve the parish of the Raramuri tribe in the canyons of the Sierra Madre in Mexico. There he learns that the tribesmen are being kidnapped by the local narcotrafficantes as forced labor for their drug fields.

As the Raramuri leaders carry out raids on the drug camps to rescue their enslaved people, Father John strives to keep from getting involved by focusing on restoring the parish church and ministering to the people. But as the violence escalates, the lines between spiritual and worldly matters are stretched to the breaking point in a final, bloody showdown between the villagers and the narcotrafficantes.

Make April Fools’ Day April Fiction Day instead and follow me at @JenLeeper1 on Twitter. Don’t forget to message me with the word PADRE, and while you’re here check out my gracious host Gabrielle’s fictional offerings.

Jennifer Leeper


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