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Online Wine and Book Release Party

Down here in Austin we’re currently doing our best to survive the celebrity tsunami that is SXSW this week while simultaneously attempting to carry on with our daily lives. Having grown up in Austin and volunteered for the festival for over 20 years, since the age of 12, (just retired from that madness about three years ago) I’ve watched it evolve from an endearing little music festival of a few bands to the mega million media monstrosity it is today. I’ve been watching the Twitter feed for SXSW this past week and everyone from Norman Reedus to Kaney West, to the Prime Minister of Ireland is here. So, if you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled--you never know who you’re bound to run into. One of these years I’ll put together some sort of book party or other related event during SXSW for the Eternal Vigilance series, but not this year. This year has been about re-organizing and planning. That said, there are a few events coming up I’d like to put on your radar in case you’d like to pick up a copy of the re-released Eternal Vigilance series, or just buy me a beer at a convention. ;)

The first one coming up this Sunday, March 22, is an online wine party/book release party for paranormal author JoLynne Valerie. From 7 to 8pm (CST) log on to to live chat with me, as well as the other fabulous authors JoLynne has been so very gracious to invite to join her. Each author will have one featured hour. We will be drinking wine, talking about writing, the paranormal, and much more, as well as doing a few giveaways. During my hour I will be giving away 5 iTunes copies of my novel Revenge. It should be a lovely evening and I do hope you will be able to join us.


I will have news about HavenCon, the first LGBTQE scifi-fantasy convention taking place here in Austin next month, in one of my next blog posts so be sure to check back soon. I will also have updates on the Eternal Vigilance series, as well as additional wine and movie reviews, etc.


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