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Wine Review: 2014 Porter & Port Sauvignon Blanc


Recently I joined the wine club ClubW. I know, I know. That's such an adult sophisticated thing to do. So, not like me. ;) That being said, the first order arrived today. It included the 2014 Porter & Plot Sauvignon Blanc, 2013 The Independent Zinfandel, and the 2012 #TBT (yes that's the name) Pinot Noir. The last one feels a bit hipster in the name, but the description sounded delicish so I opted to try it. Tonight, however, I am sipping on the Porter & Plot.

The original description of notes from the profile card included in the very elegant box that was delivered today for Porter & Plot was "lemonheads, banana, cantalope, canned pineapple juice". I will admit that I am not a sommelier, but I do enjoy wine. Oh, who am I kidding. Wine is a food group. So, what is my evaluation of Porter & Plot?

First off... It's a seriously light wine. In fact, it is so unassuming that it's rather TOO easy to drink. This would be a great backyard summer wine. As for notes...(takes sips)... When I breathe in I smell, honestly, very little. And I just did a netipot so I should be able to smell things like a freaking wolf.

Taste: When it first hits your pallet it is cold and refreshing, but the actual taste opens up a few seconds later and it is very subtle. VERY briefly you do get brush of banana (weird but awesome) and pineapple. The lemon and cantalope isn't there for me, but I'm still contemplating this wine. Overall, a nice wine for the price. Slightly sweet in a way that leaves your mouth refreshed and sweet-tasting unlike more pungent wines.

Overall review: An excellent mid-level wine and definitely something I would repurchase, although I think it's priced a bit high for the quality. Especially for summer pool parties. If you want something that is easy to drink, refreshing, crisp, and invigorating, this is a great selection.

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