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Whether you’ve landed a nice little traditional

publishing contract, or have set your sights on one of

the newer self-publishing routes, it’s time to lay the

foundation of your marketing plan to ensure your

success. The days of publishing companies providing

extravagant promotions and book tours for their

authors is sadly a thing of the past. The responsibility

of marketing and advertising a book now largely falls

to the shoulders of the author themselves. While this

may seem incredibly daunting, have no fear. By setting

in place a few key platforms and marketing materials,

as well as learning how to develop your own book

tour, you’ll be safely on your way to building a

rewarding career as a published author!



Join internationally renowned author and marketing

guru Gabrielle Faust for a day-long workshop focusing

on the essentials of marketing for new authors.

Included in the day's discussion, along with breakout

work sessions, will be:

* Where to begin your marketing efforts.
* Defining and identifying your audience.
* What to do when you receive a less than eye-catching book cover.
* The difference between traditional and social media.
* What you need to have in place before your book is published.
* How to build and maintain your social media following.
* Should you separate your public and private accounts.
* Etiquette for contacting the press and book reviewers.
* Whether online promotions are worth it.
* Building a book tour.
* What to expect cost-wise.

Each participant will receive a take-home booklet containing all of the information covered, as well as additional tips to assist you on your way. 

A boxed lunch option is available with delectable catering by Courtyard Marriott. 







This PDF is designed to be an introduction to marketing your book, and not an instruction guide

for each and every part of your marketing journey. That is in development and will be available at a later date. For now, this PDF will help you begin your marketing plans and allow you a bit of insight into the world of advertising my 20 years of experience has given me. I have been called a "marketing guru" when it comes to the art and craft of marketing books. It is my desire to pass along my knowledge so that you too can become more media savvy. When you're writing a book, you don't necessarily think first about how much work you'll need to put in once it's completed. Let me be your guide. 


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